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The More Things Change

the American biking community itself split, violently, in the eighteen-nineties, between those who were in favor of dedicated bike paths and those who mistrusted any segregation of the biker from the common highway. From Adam Gopnik’s review of Evan Friss’s forthcoming book, The Cycling City: Bicycles and Urban America in the 1890s.

Bicycle Guidelines and Crash Rates on Cycle Tracks in the United States

Anne Lusk and her collaborators have published a paper in the American Journal of Public Health claiming that “the risk of bicycle–vehicle crashes is lower on US cycle tracks than published crashes [sic] rates on roadways.” You can read the full article, available open access, on the AJPH website (direct to PDF version).  AJPH has also […]

Out of The Frying Pan

In a recent column, Derrick Z. Jackson of The Boston Globe makes this observation about city cycling: “But for the most part, the streets still belong to daredevils willing to risk their lives on painted lanes in between whizzing cars on the left and parked cars on the right, where a deadly door could be […]

Save the Bike Lanes on Concord Ave!

Concord Avenue north of Fresh Pond in Cambridge has perfectly nice, five-foot bike lanes. They’re not even in the door zone, since there is no on-street parking. But Cambridge is planning to take them away, narrow the roadway, and force bicyclists to ride on the sidewalk. The bike lanes were striped 10 years ago as part […]